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Have You Checked Out Our Service Specials?

Servicing your vehicle is an important part of the ownership experience. Whether you need your oil changed or you need something far more extensive our service team is always here to assist you with your automotive needs!

With our service specials, maintaining your vehicle is much easier! These specials offer you special pricing opportunities that make servicing your vehicle that much easier!

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Our CarFinder Tool Helps Make Your Life Easier!

Finding a vehicle can be a difficult journey, especially if you are trying to find a vehicle that fits certain efficiency and pricing parameters. That is why we have an online tool which helps you filter out vehicles that fit your specific needs on the road – it’s called the CarFinder tool!

With this tool you can filter vehicles to match a specific type, make, model, highway mpg, or even model year!

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If You Need New Parts for Your Vehicle, We Can Help!

Your vehicle is tough. It has been built to handle all elements, all weather conditions, and a variety of terrains. However, even these durable vehicles need new parts after extended usage. Your brake pads, for instance, will wear down after months, and years, of usage.

When you need new parts you can trust our team to help you find specific solutions for your vehicle!

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Our Bargain Inventory Offers You Serious Savings

Nowadays everyone is looking for incredible savings opportunities, especially when it comes to cars. After all, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment, both in terms of quality and safety.

With our bargain vehicles you can get an incredible, reliable means of transportation for extremely affordable prices.

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Reasons To Buy An SUV From Our Team

When you are looking to buy a vehicle, you have some choices when it comes to style. You can buy a car, truck, van or SUV. Though the type you buy may come down to personal choice, there are some good reasons to go with an SUV.

One of the best reasons to buy an SUV is safety. SUVs tend to sit up higher off the ground, which makes them safer in a crash. That safety factor also tends to lead to lower insurance costs than many other vehicles.

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What is the Difference Between AWD and 4WD?

If you’re like most Americans, Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) sound pretty much the same to you, as they should. Both systems give you similar benefits over choosing just a Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive vehicle, especially when it comes to navigating difficult weather or terrains. However, each share differences that set them apart. Let’s explore.

Choose a 4WD Vehicle if:

  • You plan to travel through snow, rocks, mud, sand, and more only occasionally.
  • You prefer to lead with your back wheels most of the time.
  • You want to exercise extra control…
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Get Prepared for Holiday Season Trips

This holiday season, you may be planning a trip to see family and friends. We at Larry H. Miller Provo are focused on helping people drive safely during the holidays by offering you some friendly tips. A well-planned trip will help you and your family stay comfortable while you drive the distance.

  • Take a GPS. Map out your trip on your phone or a paper map so you know your exact route prior to getting behind the wheel.
  • Plan for hotel stops. Book your hotels ahead of time, so everyone knows when the next stop will be. 
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Keeping Your Tires Healthy is Vital

You may not think about your tires every day, especially when you are on the road. They are an important component to your vehicle, and your driving experience. It is therefore important to ensure that they are always in good condition.

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